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Wild herbs were forgotten for a long time and were dismissed as weeds. They are now experiencing a renaissance: they are becoming easier and easier to find at markets and in organic food stores and are even being used in gourmet and award-winning kitchens. Wild herbs bring spring into your kitchen and aromatic variety to […]

Spring is here… The sky is blue and the sun smiles down… It is time to take a break from chocolate and rich wintry cakes and look forward to light, fruity and summery ones. Enjoy a trip into the sun together with your friends by eating delicious cakes with coffee or tea. And to make […]

Spring is coming and, with it, hay fever – we get a runny nose, sneeze, and feel groggy. So why does a blissful bite into an apple suddenly cause shortness of breath, stomach cramps, and diarrhea? The trigger may be cross-reactivity. How does this happen? The immune system protects our bodies against germs. If viruses […]

FAT… rarely is a food nutrient as full of negative connotations and as condemned as fat is. However, fat can do much more than make us gain weight. Fat can also help us stay fit and healthy and even helps to prevent diseases! Not all fats are equal: Fats are classified into saturated, unsaturated, and […]

Certainly you know this: you try out the most different diets, sign up in the gym, you run the stairs instead of taking the elevator, you eat more fruits and vegetables and forgo sweets. But whatever you try, you just do not lose weight or have the kilos again after a short time. Frustration is […]

Low amounts of gases in your intestines are very normal. During digestion, beneficial bacteria produce gases that normally do not cause any problems. Certain factors can, however, promote the accumulation of intestinal gases, resulting in bloating. Such factors include, for example, foods that cause flatulence, fast food, stress, diseases, and certain medications. Here are ways […]

Our intestines – the all-rounders Over a length of several meters, our intestines digest all of the food that we consume. Our muesli for breakfast, our lunch in the cafeteria, and the birthday cream tart. Yet our intestines can do much more than just taking care of digestion or excretion. They control what gets in, […]

Delicious plum cake, gently melting sorbet, crunchy salads—culinary delights that cause discomfort for many people, especially people who have a type I for type III food allergy and/or a food intolerance. Type I and type III allergy – What is the difference? With type I allergy, an immediate reaction is seen seconds or minutes after […]

Nuts are packets of energy. They are rich in fat and protein and contain vital vitamins and mineral nutrients. Yet as healthy as nuts may be, they cause problems for many people. They can trigger allergic reactions and reactions that are similar to allergies. If your throat swells closed immediately after eating a peanut, you […]

The ImuPro Team wishes you a good, healthy, and happy New Year 2017. Certain foods can have a positive effect on our mood. These mood foods can put you in a good mood, lower stress sensitivity, provide warmth, liven you up, and dispel sleepiness—use this knowledge to get a good and happy start to the […]