ImuPro Screen⁺ - 44 foods analysed

ImuPro Screen⁺

The stepping stone

ImuPro Screen⁺ provides an individual analysis of 44 very common foods, such as dairy products, cereals and chicken egg. It is a simple way to find out whether you may have an IgG food allergy quickly and at a reasonable price. It is a purely diagnostic examination and does not include any dietary recommendations. You will find an overview of the tested allergens below.

A specialised laboratory performs a reliable diagnostic test (ELISA) to measure IgG antibodies to 44 foodstuffs in your blood. Based on the results of the antibody titre, the foodstuffs are then categorized into three groups:

  • Not elevated
  • Elevated
  • Highly elevated

You will receive a comprehensive report with accurate results at a glance. If ImuPro Screen⁺ shows that there are elevated levels of IgG antibodies to certain foodstuffs, it would make sense to carry out the complex individual testing of 270 food allergens using ImuPro Complete. In that case, you would receive extensive nutritional guidance and support. Since more foods would be tested, you would also have more alternatives for the 4-day rotation.

ImuPro Screen⁺ offers you several benefits:

  • Reliable diagnostic test
  • Comprehensive report containing individual results for all tested foods at a glance
  • Reasonable price
  • Decision-making aid

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