Abdullah ali ben mahfoudh

My experience with ImuPro

My experience with ImuPro test is only about one month. You may ask: what is your reason for using this test? The normal answer for those suffering from arthritis or psoriasis is: it is my last straw! However, upon considering the idea of this test, and how many specialized doctors were not treating this illness per se, admitting their lack of understanding its mechanism or origination, i found that this test is different from the rest of tests. I tried acupuncture, energy sciences, and even fast-freezing chambers, which might be the first time you hear of ! Actually, it was a distinct experience in the czech republic. I also tried herb treatment,thai, chinese and even russian massage treatment. I tried cupping at many practioners’ places, meditation and colon washing. I don’t deny that all above mentioned treatments have had a good effect, but they did not solve the basic problem.

As i kept my continuous search for a treatment, which started in 2003, i found someone on the internet talking about undigested food residuals infiltrating the blood stream via the small intestines, and how this condition is the main cause of many chronic ailments. This was at the end of 2013, which means that my continuous search lasted 10 years. The explanation sounded logical to me since all kinds of treatment i tried were useless and never dealt with the intestines problem at all. I asked a doctor, who is a relative of mine, about the possibility of performing endoscopy for the intestines in order to detect any infiltration. He told me that if what they claim is correct, endoscopy will not reveal it because such infiltrations are so tiny that they can not be seen with the naked eye via the endoscopy procedure. The obvious treatment of undigested food leakage to the blood stream is to stop its causes. I found out that the causes are the usual food items that we eat every day! You will be shocked to know they include tomatoes, wheat, potatoes, pepper and eggplant (aubergine). Due to the unbearable pains i have been suffering from for a long time, i decided to eliminate such food items mentioned above from my diet once and for all! I have learnt how these food items are difficult to digest and they settle in the small intestines causing perforation in their wall, thus infiltrating to the blood stream in an undigested manner. This results in triggering the immunity system continuously to attack constantly the undigested food residuals. The whole situation ignites a ferocious, non-stop war inside the body because of the continuous flow of perforation causes from the undigested food residuals as a result of my consumption of those food items.

My problem of skin psoriasis began to diminish, but not the pains which were still persisting in spite of their being abated. They, however, still exist reminding me always of an unsolved problem.
As for the problem of psoriasis, it was constantly irritated and increasing throughout the past three years. But when i abstained from eating the five food items mentioned above, the irritation and the spread of the disease have stopped and the problem began to diminish and abate gradually, yet the pain problem is not solved.

It is known that similar subjects open the door for several issues. I read in the internet that among the causes of chronic diseases is food allergy, and one should undergo food allergy tests to find out its causes. I have searched for types of allergy tests, even searching for the best of them. I started my search in saudi arabia because i got tired of traveling and its costs. I came upon brother citizens whom i don’t know before. They have a website that explains the test in a simple way (www.aldawleiah.com). I contacted them and made sure that they represent an official accredited authority. I made an appointment with them for drawing a blood sample. After a week, i received a detailed report about the foods causing allergy.

To my astonishment, the five causes that i started to avoid were not among the allergy causes in the ImuPro test! There are other types of food, which never occurred to my mind, that are causing allergy, such as: hejazi almonds, pomegranates, and pistachios. The most important cause of allergy to me is milk and its products. For me, milk is the most delicious food; it is, moreover, found in the ingredients of many desserts, especially in the bread.

I have changed my diet that i was following to that of the ImuPro. The result is the disappearance of pains and psoriasis irritation. Currently, i decide to follow two diets, which i consider too difficult for me to do. But there is no other way except to follow them, at least for 6 months until the intestines could repair themselves again and i could overcome the main problem of the leakage, in addition to minimizing the pressure on the immunity system by avoiding other foods causing allergy.

I would like to add also that, formerly, i was using a medication for treating psoriasis, though it had undesirable side effects. Yet, this medication has not been helpful to me recently. When i followed the 2 new diets, the medication began to be effective and the body has become responsive to it.

It is worth mentioning our prophet’s, pbuh, saying that the stomach is (the house of illness and the house of cure). What we eat will reflect on us, passively or positively. Had our food been healthy, such as leafy foods and vegetables, it would have a positive impact on the body. However, our modern way of life makes us get used to having foods in which we interfere to make them savory and tasty to the extent that our bodies began to complain from!

Whoever knows me at the beginning of this year 2014 and sees me now, on april 2014,will notice that i have lost 10kgs of my weight without exercises. I don’t boast that i strictly follow the diet ( sometimes i break it), but i know now what is harmful to me and how i should avoid it as much as possible, especially that i have reduced the foods that are hard to digest and have avoided allergy foods while increasing the healthy ones.

Written by:
Abdullah ali ben mahfoudh
Translated by:
Samira ahmadbadgaish.
Jeddah, saudi arabia.