Willandra Fourie #1

Dearest Mr. Mohammed,

Thank you ever so much! It is already of great help, cause the people asked me for the laboratory in Thailand goes frequently to South Africa. All problems solved!

I am really feeling strongly about these tests being run. My whole family benefit from it. Isabella did not have asthma attacks since November and off from many medications. I spread the word where ever I go…during my flights, going to many Dr.’s in Jeddah. I can do it, cause it makes sense and I feel and see and live the difference in my own life. I just have to see Dr. Tracey…I deleted ALL other Dr.’s from my address book all over the world. It is called treating the CAUSE and not just a quick fix for symptoms.

Mr. Mohammed, how could we make it more public and educate more people in this matter in Saudi Arabia? I am thinking to write to the News Papers and the Ministry of Health, but I do not have all the info, just my own experiences. Why should people suffer and being kept in the dark and governments paying for “fake” Dr.’s and pharmaceutical drugs that has so many side-effects and killing us slowly. How are we going to make sure we have more supermarkets and restaurants to understand allergies in food here in Jeddah?

We do not have a choice in how we die one day, but we have the choice how we LIVE LIFE!!!!

I have no degree, was a Cardio Thoracic ICU Nurse, but I try to gain knowledge every day and experiment with this knowledge. I am 40 years old and for the first time feel healthy and good…I could even start weaning my anti-anxiety medication that I have been using since I was a small child. This simple blood test healed me from all kinds of physically and mentally pain, that in return safe my marriage and my relationship with my little girl. Why can’t more people have this joy?

I thank you for the noble work you do.
Best Wishes and Regards to Monica in Germany as well please.

Willandra, Claude and Isabella Le Corre