Willandra Fourie #2

ImuPro300 Foodallergy bloodtest

Dearest friends and family!

I would like to share this with you. It is a blood test that make sure you eat according to your own unique DNA. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!!!! Just to make sure you do not misunderstand from the beginning…IT IS NOT ANOTHER DIET…even if I have lost all my body fat and extra kilo’s since after I was pregnant…it is not another Atkins or Duncan or Weight-Less…not any kind of quick-fix…it is a way of living…you live your own life UNIQUELY and SUPER HEALTHY!!! I can say this cause I experience it first hand in myself and in Isabella’s. The “You are what you eat”…is not that one that comes along with a computer-fake photo of a super model or muscular man in a sports magazine or next to the newest cookware. This is science and first class medicine…I think it is EVOLUTION!!!! It changed my life 360° around…in total…socially, medically, physically, psychologically,hormonally….the list goes on.

Just to give you a bit of personal history….I had pain all over my body(inflammation), acne, dry hair and hair loss, more frequent head aches, sinusitis(weeks ongoing on Aurius and nasal sprays and many times antibiotics and X-rays done of the sinuses), hay fever since a child, motion sickness, halitosis, severe sweating and with an odour, very dry skin, eczema of the eye-lids and lips and around the nose, bloating, tender abdominal and frequent colic, flatulence and gastric discomfort and distended abdomen, sever constipation, cellulite, sclerosis of the finer veins on the legs, insomnia, anemia, high cholesterol(genetic), severe PMS, depression, anxiety, fluctuations in temper, low energy levels, manic intervals ext.
I have been treated by so many Dr.’s, therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractics, homeopaths, psychiatrists, psychologists, radiologists, pain clinics, Internists, laboratories….think about any specialty and test and I went through it. I was so far a lot of money and lots of bills send in to our private medical aid. It was all a lot of chemicals pumped through my body and a lot of side-effects…many Dr.’s tried to go through a list of pharmaceuticals…we try it all and see and wait…crazy!!!! My point of view: None of these Dr.’s, test and tablets treated me as a person with unique DNA or as person in total. They never treated the cause, just the symptoms….<20minute consultations and 2 folio’s of quick-fix meds. They just treated the area you complain about or their specialty. They do not give valuable information around food, vitamins and minerals. During my pregnancy(even if I was careful and tried my best to be so healthy)…I did not know that I had food allergies and the additives I eat is harming my foetus and being carried over to her in uterus and through breast milk.

I went to Turkey, Istanbul(Dr. IlkerSolmaz) to do my Prolotherapy(C3-C4 and S1-L5-hernea’s), cured after 4 sessions and no more scoliosis and pain. No medication, just very occasionally Paracetamol. After my first session I did the ImuPro blood test with Dr. Matthew Tracey in Jeddah(Complementary Medicine). I was tested for +/-268 foods and was allergic to 63. It was a shock and rocked my world, cause it was all healthy foods and foods that I ate almost every day since forever! For 2 weeks I was completely stressed and cried and start to unpack all the groceries. Claude got the “E-code” and “E-inspect” on my phone…download it for free. You get it in any language. “E’s is something missing on the ingredients some horribly long “Greek” word, but that is so dangerous for our human body and brain. That way we do not eat any additives and preservatives in any food. Watch out for them E100-E1140…they cause horrific damage to our bodies and change who we are!!! It was so difficult and in Jeddah it is not that easy to find so many healthy and allergy free food. Check your cosmetics’ ingredients as well. As well as your protein shakes and supplements and long-term meds as well. I started just first to try to cut out 110% these allergens and additives and visit a lovely lady in Jeddah that lived according to her allergens for 32 years and her 2 sons as well. I have learned a lot and it is so much fun to start to cook healthy and the kitchen becomes a science lab!!! It is not always easy, cause we can not eat at a restaurant, but it is not always food that have to bring us together, it is the person that counts and some restaurants understand and makes an effort….or rather eat at home….much more cosy and fun and these days less costly!!!

It has been since November 2013 and I am a new person in TOTAL. I have lost body fat, gained muscle weight, no more PMS, bloating, sleep better than Sleeping Beauty, energy levels is up, eczema just slightly on the eyelids…rest is gone, skin is glowing and no acne, hair fall less and healthy, nails stronger, flat tommy and gasless!!!!, no pain and headaches, depression…what is that?, much less anxiety/mania, no fluid retention. Halitosis and constipation/sweat correct with time, since the intestines has been too much traumatised by the food allergies. I am patient!!!!! Had a bit of runny nose after my first session of Prolotherapy, but with no fever and not any tablets and it cleared up very fast! Cold winter in France/Turkey, sand storms and dust mites/humid and hot in Jeddah and everybody sick…me still dry nose and happy!!!!!

Then there is Isabella(2006-05-04) that suffered from severe stomach reflux syndrome(66 refluxes in an hour), almost every 2 weeks of asthma attacks since she had the Rota Virus at 1year of age. She is on long-term Primalan and sometimes daily Ventoline, Seritide, Beclospine, Nifrilil/Coqlusidal supp., Paracetamol, Nasonex, Aurius syrup, Prednisolone, Brochidialotor syrups…the list goes on and on!!!! She had black circles around her eyes, she feels hyper and not herself caused by these meds, no energy, sleep restless, turn many times by antibiotics, loose out on fun and schoolwork, felt nervous, anxiety, teeth colour brown and weak, no energy to do activities and sport, feel like eating snacks all the time and gained body fat. Like myself…we saw many, many Dr.’s and all the same list like I had above.
Long story short…we did the ImoPro300 test for her as well and she has only 18 allergies. It was so hard for her and as a child not easy to sit and look at other kids eating cake ext. But she is mature and really tried her best. We approached it slowly and took foods away slowly. She had her last severe asthma attack beginning Nov. She had another asthma attack in Jan. 2014, but so mild and we almost did not give medicine for the 2 days and I am busy weaning her off from the Primelan and no more any other meds, other than Losec and Motillium for her reflux, that she agree that she feel less the food coming up. She is doing 2 dancing classes a week and 2 horse riding classes a week…with Vavavoom and less TV and laying around. We see so much changes and progress around her. She wants to write on a website to other kids and tell them how hard it was, but how much more yummy the cookies and food is without eggs and milk/gluten and cane sugar(we also followed the research about cane sugar…brown sugar is not healthier than white sugar::::))))I made the mistake as well!!!!…it is white cane sugar coloured by Molasses…watch out for hidden sugars in food, sucrose and fructose is only allowed to eat in the fresh fruit…sugar is more addictive than Cocaine and do a lot of harm and push us in depression and other illnesses).

Claude also did the ImuPro test, but me and Isabella lost the bet…he had only 6 and who eats Shark-catfish?????????:):)
It is hard to work out a families menu’s and do the 5 day-cycle, where you are not allowed to eat the same food twice in 5 days, but slowly but surely we get there and it actually save a lot of money and less waist of food and less time in the kitchen and more fresh fruits/vegetables…they do not get to get rumpled in the fridge. Isabella eat now up to 7 vegetables a day, where everything was “berk”. Our taste butts are awake for the first time and no cravings and we discovered and tried a lot of food we never ate or knew off. It is exciting and yummy!!!

You can contact me any time and I’ll fw. the addresses and contact details of the consultants working for ImuPro300. I got already ImuPro Laboratories in France, South-Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, Germany and Singapore for the Asian Pacific(NZ and Australia excluded). I am not an employee for anybody,I do it out of passion for healthy medicine and care for friends and family. It is so amazing to feel good and healthy and sexy and normal for the first time ever in my life. I would want that for everybody!!!! I can exercise now to really tone my body and strengthen it and do not do all sorts of funny cardio stuff to “loose body fat”…it would have never gone away. My point of view: operations and going under the knife and sucking out fat and try to fix any joint in the body is not the solution…all is about your own DNA, ligaments and tendons that is not looked at all!!!!!

Now, I am trying to find out if there is any private medical aids/insurance that will pay for Prolotherapy and the ImuPro300 blood test. It is very expensive, BUT….it is on the long run cheaper for everybody(maybe a huge worry for many Dr.’s/pharmacies and their friends, cause less “cow’s to milk” forever!!!) Look back at how much we already paid and it was all for nothing and just made us worse. I will let you all know what I could find out. It makes sense to me, cause we live in very difficult times and what if your insurance get burned out by these every day Dr. visits and prescriptions and blood tests and long-term meds and something really huge happens to you or an accident or cancer(hope we will jump it free)….there will not be enough funds left and we might have to sell our house or take the kids’ scholar fees. The other point I wonder about…why is excellent, working medicine just affordable for people with money at hand? The poor will get sicker and live more off “HLM” and help from the state. Maybe our payments per month can be less for the insurance, cause we claim wisely and not that often and daily meds for ever and ever?

We go so easy for the newest technology….why not going for the newest research around our health?????? How many of the medical field and therapists had their educations sooooooooo very long ago and not keeping up with the newest research and studies in the world. Our own countries do not always have all the different medical fields and knowledge…get world-wise on health and let us build a healthier generation and future…us that is already old(er)…we can grow old healthier now!!!!!!

Not getting into it, but I see now that excellent health cut out many social problems…maybe less mental illnesses, more people at jobs and happy, less divorce, better family structure, less problematic teenagers, people and kids with better self-esteem….I think of so many more. HEALTH IS EVERYTHING TO ME? IS THAT TO YOU?

Thank you for your time!
Best Regards
Willandra le Corre