Willandra Fourie #3

ImuPro300 Foodallergy bloodtest

Dearest friends/family/Dr’s and basically any body who wants to live a better and healthier life!

I might have send all of you already a million e-mails around the ImuPro300 food allergy test, but I have some more information to share with you. There is already a lot of answers that might get questioned after you have read the attached file above. I am not a Dr. and not a genius…just read a lot and look around me and make comparisons…How we as a family was before and now. Again I do not work for any body and all I gain is just to share LIFE with you and maybe to help you to make super exciting changes in your life!!! To save time and money and live longer!

I have some thoughts…it came up in my mind a month or so ago and it make sense to me: Would like to know how you think about it and does it make sense to you?

  1. Would you fill your expensive/dearest old car’s petrol tank with orange juice or fabric softener or Coke Cola? Why not?
  2. Would you fill the water tank of this car with Ketch-up? Why not?
  3. Would you fill the oil tank with mayonnaise? Would you fill the battery with vinegar and sugar? Why not?
  4. Would you let your car stand outside for months without driving it or inside the garage to run out of battery and get rotten tires? Why not?
  5. Would you take your car for a service at the Pet shop? Why not?
  6. Would you put petrol in your diesel car? Why not?
  7. Would you take the car for service regularly and drive carefully and clean it ever so often, just as long as it is new and just don’t care after it is more than a year old? Why?
  8. Would you feed your cat and dog with horse feeding and or give them daily just a slice of chocolate cake?

Now I have a few thoughts to share with you:

  1. Why is materialistic things and or animals more valuable/important to us than our own bodies and or our children’s bodies?
  2. Why would we put in a car’s tank what he is required to have in his tank, to be able to function optimal and not broke down, but we do not know what our own unique bodies and DNA needs in order to function optimal?
  3. Why would we “feed” different parts of the car differently, but we do not know what is the different foods that we should eat for the different organs or parts of our own or children’s bodies or DNA?
  4. How is it that we know so much about the interior of our car and computers, but we do not know our own anatomy and DNA or our children’s?
  5. How is it that we take our car to a auto technician and someone that just fix the oil filter or the cause of the malfunction and do not take the whole engine apart and put it skew back and charge you so much money and you just needed a oil filter changed and the correct level of oil? Why would the auto technician have to fix his fault and the Dr. does not after he did not even know what was the cause of the symptoms and send you home with a bag of medication and more often misdiagnosis or none and make sure you stay “broken”?

Now my point :

  1. Does it not bother you that you are maybe in pain, or feeling tired all the time, or feeling irritated, frustrated, depressed, PMS, teenager tantrums or toddler tantrums and hyperactivity, mid-life crisis or menopause and or kids that just never listen and concentrate and acne and tummy ache and head aches and migraines and hair loss and bloated tummy and constipation and low immune system and every now and then runny nose, asthma and coughing, insomnia…..put your own diagnosis or feelings in further…there is millions. Does it not bother you?
  2. Did you ever ask yourself and maybe one of the million Dr.’s you already saw….WHY? What is CAUSING ALL of these horrible feelings and symptoms that let me loose sight, love for myself, my husband, my kids, my family, poor marks at school and no progress at work or not be able to get on with my job? Why can I not lower the dose or wean myself off from drugs or my children that then never grow out of these illnesses? How is it that I knew so many/treated and misdiagnosed by Dr.’s in Jeddah since 1997, but only got optimal life after seeing one Dr.? One Dr. that treated the cause and explained all the symptoms to me and with not one single prescription. He has knowledge A-Z and treat the person in total and he send you home with all the answers and they way you are going to fix this huge mess the other Dr’s caused. That is Dr. Matthew Tracey at IMC, Jeddah!!!!
  3. Are you happy with the way you look and feel? Or do you dream and get depressed every time you page through a magazine? Do you keep on saying it is because I had pregnancies or this or that?
  4. How many diets have you tried and what was the end success? Are you busy with another one end feel horrible and spend a lot of money on books and time on eating schedules ext? How many exercise classes and coaches did you pay for? Do that hop and pop until you feel you are going to die and or that your back and knees can not take it any more…help you at all with losing the body fat and shape up? Do you really relax during Yoga and Pilates?
  5. Do you feel tip top on all the medication that you are on and did you maybe never look at the side-effect pamphlets ever again or maybe never? I had to find out after 10 years that certain meds you can not just stop and it is hell to wean yourself off it and that nobody ever told me. Do you know that medication can collide with one another and then that vitamins and supplements taking just like you want can be evenly dangerous? Do you spend thousands on supplements, but still not feeling on top of the world?
  6. Is it OK for you to spend so much money/time at the Dr.’s/therapists/pharmacy and would rather like to have extra money to save or spend some lovely time with friends/family and kids and make life less “appointment-rush-like”?
  7. Would you like to sleep more and dream more and let your kids have that same silent snoozzzzzeeeee?
  8. Would it not be nice to have less or get rid of all those maybe fake diagnosis that wrongly define you and who you are and that you could rather share funny/interesting stuff with friends/family and not to talk about your pain and diagnosis, but really let people know who YOU are?
  9. Would you not like for yourself and your children to know and learn what is a good self-esteem and to feel good about yourself and themselves? To be able to make good and healthy life choices?

Add on if you think of more questions?

It is time to get to the point :

  1. We are all unique and with unique DNA. We should and it makes 100% sense to me(and I live it!!!!!) that we have to eat what we are build for to eat. You can only do that after you did the ImuPro300 test.
  2. It does not make sense to me that you breastfeed/give special formula milk(also that we eat allergens and carry it over to the baby in uterus and breastfeeding) your baby and take care not to give them food before 7 months or so(you cook, you sterilise and only veggies and fruits), but then after a year or so you let them eat what ever they want and you poison your own child’s body/brain with “E’s”- food additives and preservatives and give love through all the cute candies and cookies and funny box cereals and colourful ice-creams and fake 100% fruit juices.
  3. It does not make sense to me that our children have to be every week sick and every Dr. tell you that all kids gets sick like that until the age of 3years or so or it is seasonal or the weather or allergies ext and that they will outgrow the illness. That I realise now is the biggest lie!!!! We are unique…there is no 1 for all and all for one. The child’s body just live these foodallergies out in a certain way…he/she just had puree and healthy things to eat and all of a sudden…..BANG!!!!! all these horrible stuff that attack his body. Or if your body is allergic to a food you might be sensitive to pollen or dust ext. Does it not make sense to you?
  4. It does not make sense that we have to take medication to fix one problem and have to take medication again to fix what that medication cause. I only realised now that Isabella never had asthma since birth…it was asthma symptoms caused by the severe GERD(gastro oesophageal reflux disease)….then she took long-term daily anti-histamine(that cause the sphincter not to close), then she took daily all these steroids and bronchodilators(that cause the sphincter not to close and now we can not get her just like that off these anti-acid meds and have to take care that she does not develop stomach ulcers). Long story short…ImuPro300 eating plan and cut out additional orange, grapefruit, chocolates, tomato, gluten and table salt…and there is no reflux and asthma…..I got all these on Internet…never did a Dr. tell me these facts and they also have no idea how to get her off these meds, without her feeling horribly sick. They were quick with the quick fix, but now we have to struggle on our own!
  5. I do not get it that people still complain and that governments still worry about obesity, heart disease, diabetes, mental problems and cancer. How can my little girl of 8 years old get “IT”….you are what you eat?
  6. Why can we not all stand together and fight the pharmacy/food-industries. Make sure Dr.’s do not do what they want with our money, bodies and children and lives? How can we stop the FDA and putting out all the E100-E1140’s and the cane sugar(and watch out for those hidden names on the food labels) and the processed food.
  7. Why does GMO-free, Bio and organic/allergen free food be just affordable for the rich or then why must we pay so much money for fresh fruit and veggies?
  8. Why can’t there be more support groups that help other mothers for example to brainstorm around recipes and make yummy and healthy food for the kids and their families? To save more time to sit and search on Internet and waist valuable time with your husband and kids and or no time for yourself.

I have a question for ImuPro300:

How about different cultures and nationalities? Those 300 foods they do allergy on…how about in some cultures they eat insects and other different things. Is this test unique in these ways as well? I do not want to think that this amazing bloodtest also become and 1 for all and all for 1.

Thank you for your time!
Best Regards
Willandra le Corre